Bali Beauty Blogger Gathering 2016

12/29/2016 01:18:00 AM

BBB Gathering ❤

Hi there! How is your day? Wish you have a wonderful day! Today I will tell you about Bali Beauty Blogger's Gathering that makes me feels so excited for a week. So, the gathering held on December 23, 2016 at Goemerot Restaurant. What makes me so excited with this gathering? Let me tell you one by one ;)

The gathering supposed to start at 6.30 PM, but I think it started around 30 minutes to 1 hour later. When we arrived, the first thing we do is to give our gift to committee and write a next year resolution for BBB. After that, I supposed to sit at assigned chair, but the table decoration fascinates me that I took so much pictures of it. It was so cool!

Pretty, right?

Matching property ❤

Pretty flowers >.<
The gathering started with an opening from kak Dewa Ayu Inda and praying. After that we're listening to the Instagram and Blog Competition's detail. The winner will get a gift from sponsor. Yeay! It makes you feel more motivated, isn't it? Because this is the first time (almost) all members gather, we did an self introduction in turn. Before this gathering, we only know each other from blog or group chat. 

Our next activity is quiz and members discussion. The one who got correct answer for quiz will get one Nature Republic Face Mask each. Unfortunately, I can't answer the quiz :( And the conclusion from the discussion, we decided to choose a president for BBB. The chosen one is Kak Dewa Ayu Inda and the Vice is Ce Jessica Liani. Yeay congratulations!

Here we are, finally on the sharing session. The sharing session will be delivered by Ita Chen, Jess Ie, and Hatta Shani. They deliver an interesting topic that motivates me after listening it. So happy got to know tips and trick from the experienced one. I hope they won't be tired sharing their knowledge to me and the other members :)

How to be a content writer (Ita Chen)

How to monetize blog and Social Media (Jess Ie)

How to be a vlogger and monetize it (Shani)

During the breaks on sharing session, we had our dinner. The menu is Chicken Wings and mashed potato. Well, the mashed potato can be exchanged by french fries, but I prefer the mashed potato. I love the chicken wings. Oh and don't forget the sambal.

It's time for dessert. We had so delicious dessert. Delicious dessert makes you happy. Even when I already feel full after finishing the dinner, I still ate the dessert. Ya, you have another stomach for dessert.

While we ate the dessert, we also exchange the gift we brought. Everyone got at least 2 gift, because some members bring gift for all members ( aw thank you so much :* ). Finished exchanging gift, the we draw the door-prize. There are 3 voucher from Olivia Slimming and Skincare for 3 winners. Congratulations for the winners! The IG Competition winner supposed to be decided on the spot, but on a joint decision, we decide to get the winner on Dec 24. The winner for IG Competition are Kak Dini, Jess Ie, and Ita Chen. Congratulations for all of you! They got a gift from Emina Cosmetics.

Never forget to take a picture. Pictures, I mean. After finishing our dessert and the door-prize, we ask the waitress to take so many pictures of us. Gladly the waitress said yes ._. 

.... and we takes so many pictures until the restaurant closed. The end.

The squad!

People behind my excitement:

Thank you so much for the committee, for making this gathering happened so perfectly despite of the small amount of time until the D-day and also for coming earlier and preparing all of things for the gathering.
Thank you so much for the sponsor for supporting Bali Beauty Blogger this year! Hope we still can work together for the next event >.<



Goodie Bag (Review will be posted later)

For chosen bloggers

Blog Competition Prize

IG Competition Prize


Last but not least, all members of BBB. Glad to know you all! I got the feeling BBB will give a positive vibe to my life *tsaah*
Bali Beauty Blogger IG: @balibeautyblogger

That is the story of BBB Gathering 2016. I hope you also can feel the excitement!

P.S : Some photos here are mine, but the rest are from the members.

See you on the next post 

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