[Weekly Blog Challenge] 2017 Resolutions

1/01/2017 02:06:00 AM

Happy New Year everyone! *party*

happy new year 2017

Maybe when you read the title you're thinking 'Meh, another new year new me post' or 'Another new year resolution that won't be last for a week'. Or not? That was my reaction when I see my friend's resolution every new year before. Now, here I am writing 'New Year New Me' post. Not sure if this resolution will last until December, but I will try!

When writing this post, I'm wondering what can be considered as resolution. So I'm doing research(?) and asking my friends what are their resolution for 2017. I feel more mature while thinking about my resolution. Last year, I didn't even bother thinking about it. I lived my live aimlessly. There is no target and I'm not sure what I've achieved. And now I get some(?) resolutions in my mind and here is my list:

Get healthier
I'm feeling thankful because my health is great last year. For this year, I'm trying to be healthier (and sexier(?) ). Currently I work on Monday until Friday and I spent most of my time sitting while working. Not much movement beside typing. Yeah I feel like muscles will grow on my fingers. On weekend, I get to move more if I go somewhere. If I have no plan on weekend, I will spend my weekend on my bed, scrolling on timeline and playing game on my phone. Not so productive, right? I realize sometimes my body ache because I seldom move my body. Well, lately I try to walk more on weekdays. So I think I just need to increase it.

I need to watch my diet too. I've managed eating more vegetables and not drinking soda for past few years. This year I want to cut down junk food consumption. And eat more fruit.

More confident
My resolution every year *flipping hair*. It's not that I can't achieved this, but I change a bit every year. At least there is a progress. Better than nothing. Not sure how to achieve this resolution, but environment can affect me in a better way. I think I have a positive environment now, so I will learn from them to be more confident about myself.

Learn to cook
Yeah, I can't cook *hide*. I really need to learn how to cook. Really. Forgive me, Mom.

Can code faster + Get my online portfolio done
Don't laugh at this one, because I'm serious. Sometimes I learn something fast, but sometimes I'm so slow at learning. This year I need to polish(?) my coding skill more and learn something new. I'm wondering whether there are some kind of group or community or anything here, I need someone to teach me or at least a friend that can be invited for discussion. I know I can do this. I just need to be consistent.

Get my online portfolio done. Yeah, I really want to do this, but still can't. I already looked at some people online portfolio. And It's so cool! Then I start to feel not confident about myself. Thinking something like 'What can I do?' 'What should I state on project?' or 'What skill do I really have?'. I'm so frustrated by myself by that kind of thought. I think I will use experiments instead projects for now LOL. I have set my mind. I need to get it done by this year. Please cheer me up!

More consistent on blogging
I need to be more consistent. This year I want my page views per day increase. Hope I can check my Alexa Rank this year *cry*. I want to increase my post about beauty, of course. At least now I have more motivation than last year, so this resolution can be done. I just need to set schedule. Schedule for my life that is a mess.

Time Management
And other management things. Really need to work on time management, because I think my life is not tidy(?) enough. I need to separate deadline for works and for blog. Time for works and time for anything related to blogging. I need to set my sleep and wake up time too, so I can insert time for me to work out. For a better future!

Going somewhere for vacation
Can you call this a resolution? Not sure, but this year I'm planning at least once, going on vacation. I plan go to Lombok first. Maybe on the end of the year. Staycation is fine too. Maybe going to Bedugul for recreation? Zoo? I can do that.

That is all for now. Actually I've already started(?) most of them, but well, we need consistency when working on our resolution. Have you listed your resolution? If you haven't, I suggest you start now!

P.S: This is a challenge from Ratri Anugrah, check her blog!

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See you on the next post ^^

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  1. I'm on the team 'cant cook' too Mbak. Harusnya ini bisa dimasukin ke resolusi juga yah tapi enggak kepikiran hehehe

    1. Wah sama dong mbak *malah bangga*
      Aku masukin ke resolusi tapi sampe sekarang malah belum mulai *plak

  2. Seems nice !🙂

    Hey Kak, sebagai pemula di dunia blog dan tulis-menulis, i would really appreciate if you let me know wdyt bout’ this one :


    Feel free to comment Kak, I really need ur advice… and btw, I’m open for discussion :)

    1. Hi Bradley! I've read your story and left a comment there.
      Thank you sudah mampir ya!

  3. Learn to cook! I can't cook that well. But my mom said we as woman eventually can cook. Not so sure. I'm asking her to write down all her recipes, just in case. By the way, good luck with time management. It was the hardest thing to achieve in all of my previous resolutions.

    1. Yep, my mom said similar thing, bcos she also learned cooking when she get married LOL.
      Thanks! ya i read it on your blog and i think you already have a good time management now :D

  4. new year resolution *hmm...*
    get a boyfriend (?)

    i live my life aimlessly
    please cheer me up vin

    1. nyahaha get a boyfriend. pengen sih tapi ndak sampe masuk resolusi.
      Good luck! try to set a target. aku juga sebelumnya gak punya tujuan, well sekarang juga belum sih, tapi at least punya tujuan2 kecil(?) supaya idup kita jelas LOL

  5. Upss learn cook, i want it too hihi, good luck sist

  6. Aku juga gak bisa masak maaaah :{ terakhir masak kenak minyak wkwkwkwkwkwk

    1. sama TT cuma bisa goreng telur. boleh lah ya hahaha


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