[Weekly Blog Challenge] Chocolate is Love, Chocolate is Life

1/15/2017 06:51:00 PM

chocolate cake afternoon tea
Cake and tea!

FOOD! If you follow my instagram, you will think that I like eating so much. You're correct! Well, who doesn't like to eat? I'm not just like to eat, but love to eat. I love dessert so much, but I'm also fine with main course type of food. Oh! FYI, even If I love dessert, I don't like something with cheese. But I do love pizza and pasta with cheese. Hm, that's not dessert ya.

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Sometimes I'm conscious with my weight but sometimes I don't care. I just want to eat a good food. So I will list some of my favorite food here.

Chocolate Cake

Who doesn't love chocolate? Well, I think there are people that have allergy to chocolate and I know some people that doesn't like chocolate. They exist :( I love everything that has chocolate flavor like milk, ice cream, cake, snack, etc. Especially food that use dark chocolate. Why I like chocolate cake the most? Because I can easily find cake that use dark chocolate. But yeah, a little bit expensive. Not a big deal for me, because chocolate can make me happy. Tbh, I don't like white chocolate. White chocolate is like a scam, because they don't use cacao at all. Only using chocolate aroma if I'm not mistaken. Well, most people I know like white chocolate, sih.


Me also like japanese food like sushi, ramen, bento, and their friends. Raw sushi is delicious, but it depends on the restaurant. Unfortunately I don't like the dipping sauce (i don't know the name), wasabi and gari (the ginger). So I eat sushi directly or dip it to chili flake. Oh no, now I want to eat sushi because of this TT

pizza hut sensasi delight
Pizza ><
Eating pizza make me realize not all cheese taste not good. I like mozzarella in pizza and pasta. Or should I say I just love pizza. Everybody loves pizza! End of story.

That's it, some of my favorite food. What is yours? I would love to eat with you(?) some day!

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  1. Yeay I do love chocolate cake too... and sushi too :D these foods can bring instant happiness to me ahaha. kindly visit mine, Vini :)

    1. yep it can make me happy. but i don't feel happy to see my wallet after eating sushi :(

  2. Lovely post!
    Try chocolate mousse from Angelique, Watermark Bali.
    They have very delicious chocolate.

    1. thanks! never been there, but i will try it someday :D


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