[What am I doing] Vini’s New Hair Color

12/25/2015 12:14:00 PM

A few weeks ago, I suddenly feel like coloring my hair after waking up in the morning. Then I check my finances (?) and go to salon with my roommate in the afternoon. I thought about having my hair with pink ombre or pastel blue ombre. Actually I know, not all beauty salon can do it with bright color. I mean, in their catalogue they usually have the brownish, reddish color, and blonde.

After arriving in the salon (it just approximately 10 minutes by walking from my dormitory), I check the catalogue and I confused whether I should give my hair highlight or make it ombre (and bleach the hair). Thinking and discussing for 20 minutes with my roommate and the employee, I decided to make it blue ombre! Before that, I ask the price first to make sure I have enough money (shy). They said the price is 500k, it included bleaching and coloring. For those who wondering why are the price expensive when you’re only coloring half of your hair, it is because my hair is thick. But still, later you will know why I still think that the price is REALLY expensive.

My hair needs a high level of bleaching to get the color I choose, because I’ve never bleach my hair before.  Actually I don’t quite understand about it. At first they say they will bleach my hair twice. I said okay and stay still in my chair and chat with my roommate (Thanks for accompanying me, I love you!). In the end It needs bleaching 5 times (as my friend says) TT


Final bleach (?)

My hair color under the sun

My hair color inside a room (this photo taken using flash)

I love my hair color .... at first. But after a few times I wash my hair the color faded. Well of course it is faded, but I don't really like the color. So now my hair has 4 colors, black, brown (the bleach), green (the faded color of blue), and blue. It is my first time coloring my hair, I should let it go.

Next month I plan to buy hair color. But I still don't know what should I buy. If you have advice. please tell me guys!

See you on the next post! ^^

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