About Me

Hey there!

My name is Vini Amanda, female, age is unknown.
A pacifist. A good daughter. Self-proclaimed blogger. Not a writer. Picky eater. Love sweets, especially chocolate.

I started this blog on my last semester in university. That time, I need a place to talk about everything. I'm tired working on my thesis all day long in order to graduate that year. Yeah, LOL, what a reason. I wrote about movie and android game/apps at first. Now, I start to write about beauty, food, and lifestyle! Well, I'm still learning to write, so kindly give me advice or suggestion about my writing! I would love to hear that.

I need to remind you before reading any beauty related review, I'm not a skincare specialist, neither make up guru. I'm just a girl who still learning about my skin and how to apply make up, so please don't expect an awesome make up look or a detail review about skincare. Also, I don't really like giving a rating, so yeah, there will be no rate in product review. But I will try to make the point clearer.

Another reminder for food related post. Taste is based on preference, you should know that well and taste is hard to describe in a post by a girl who can't even cook. But once again, I will try to describe the taste in detail. Even when my vocabulary is not that much.

Last, for posts that related to a place. Enjoy! Mostly will be photos instead of long paragraph. I also only went to places that the entrance ticket is cheap or affordable. If there is an expensive places I went to, It's sponsored. Or I won a lottery. Anyway, I always put tag "sponsor" for that. 

Hope you find something useful from my blog! ... or at least you feel entertained(?) after reading my post.

If you need anything you can contact me via my social media or email. I already put them on the sidebar. I reply to Instagram DM the fastest by the way.

See ya around ^^