[Weekly Blog Challenge] 5 Places I Want to Visit Someday

9:20 PM

I've never been abroad. I've always wanted to go abroad from high school but I don't want to ask my parent for money to go there. So I decided, later when I'm working I should save my money and go abroad. And now, I still can't go abroad because saving money is difficult TT I have so much priority beside travelling that the money just come and go. But still, I will list place I want to go someday for this week Weekly Blog Challenge ^^

1. Japan



I don't know when I start to love (almost) everything about Japan, but my wish to go there is from long time ago. Junior high school maybe? At first just because I like reading manga, after that I start to watch dorama and I realize Japan have so many beautiful places and delicious food. I want to try their food, go to shrine, onsen, see Sakura, go to the festivals, wear yukata and kimono, become a ninja, etc.

Raw food ><

2. Korea

gyeongbok palace korea
Gyeongbok Palace

No, I want to go to Korea not because I want to see some idols or some 'ahjussi rasa oppa', -- but might as well if I'm already in Korea -- I want to go there because of the place and their street food. Korean drama makes me want to go there. They have so many awesome places and street food that looks delicious. Don't forget the make up, my friends say their make up price is cheaper than food price. Definitely will buy a lot of make up when I go there. I already imagine myself strolling in a palace using hanbok kyaaa XD

bibimbap korea

Korean street food
Korean street food

3. England
Big Ben
I have a simple reason why I want to go there. Big Ben and bus. I just love Big Ben, don't know why. I think it's because some game I played. Not obsessed, just like to see it. I want to see Stonehenge too. Castles too. They have so many castles, right?


4. Netherlands

This too, for a simple reason. Tulips and bicycle. Seeing that colorful tulips while bicycling seems fun and will make a beautiful scene. I would love to ride bicycle all day long. And sleeping all day long the next day. Because my leg will become stiff(?).


5. New Zealand

New Zealand is more like a place I want to stay than place I want to go for vacation. At first I even want to work there and my parent was like "What will you do there?". Err working? They said I will work as a farmer there because we imagine NZ as a green place. I might as well become a farmer like harvest moon's main character. Because, why not? I'm serious considering this as an option for my life because I just can't stand a crowded places. But I also easily get lonely, so I still need a city-like place to live.

So that are some country I want to go someday when I have enough money. Or when I win a lottery. Or when I get married with someone from there. Or I can teleport like Jin's father. But let's stick to the first one. As I finished listing the places I realize I just love places that has beautiful scenery. Well, who doesn't? Places that I can just walk around and get lost. But no, I don't want to get lost because it's time consuming. I love walking around but in here I need to take vehicle to go around. And if I did walk around, the dust and smoke from vehicle is killing me. And don't forget the catcalling. Even when you ride motorcycle people still catcall you, let alone when you walk --'

Yup, that is my list. What's yours? Share it on the comment section!

P.S. : In case you wonder why I don't insert image source, I got them from pixabay :)

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  1. Ah, aku juga terpengaruh manga dan anime jadi pengin ke Jepang hahaha.. semoga bisa tercapai mengunjungi tempat-tempat impian yaah :D

    1. iyah kan >< iya, semoga beneran bisa ya kita kesana XD

  2. saya ingin sekali ke new zealand soalnya kelihatan hijau-hijau gitu bikin mata seger

  3. I really wanted to go to England and Japan, too! Aduh apalagi Jepang, I LOVE ALL JAPANESE FOOD! Apalagi sashimi salmonnya.. I'm drying for it.

    Anyway, Salam kenal, Vini! Eh, bener nggak tuh nama panggilannya?:D
    I've followed your blog, mind to follow me back? :)

    1. Ikr! sushi itu emang bener2 deh ><
      Salam kenal juga, Deborah! Iya bener kok :) yep done :D

  4. awww kelima tempat ini aku juga belum pernah pergi Vini :) semoga bisa kesampaian ya :)

  5. Japan and Korea also my fave target. May you have a chance to visit the countries you dream, Vini :)

  6. Negara2 yg indah dengan budaya yg pengen aku kenal jg TFS mbk :)

    1. iya mba, mungkin seru liat kebudayaan baru. thanks sudah mampir! :)

  7. Jepang is so cute vini


    1. iyah XD kalo kesana mungkin jadi pengen beli hal2 gak penting tapi lucu hahaha


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